An afgan woven from cotton and silk, it is a popular wedding gift.






The loom is set up to weave cotton and linen tea towels.
Scarves can be woven from any combination of fibres, any colour and any size.
In my 40 plus years of weaving I have seen the evolution of the poncho as clothing accessory. Now, most currently as an asymmetrical rectangle shape.


This wedding present afgan was woven in woolen yarns.
This cape, woven in wool and mohair with a celtic clasp, is my most popular design.
When people try pieces on in my booth, they often look so beautiful, I ask, “May I take your photo?”.
Placemats woven from pieces of recycled cloth. I love to play with colour in this way, using coloured string to bind the cloth together.
Rag Rugs and table runners also made with coloured string and strips of recycled cloth.