Uncomplicated Weaving


9.30 am to 4.30 pm each day in my studio near Chesterville, Ontario
– Cost is $200.00, which includes materials. Please enroll  at least 2 weeks in advance with full payment at that time. (Mar.30)
– The class is for absolute beginners and people who have had some weaving experience. The class outline is simple. Every student makes a warp on a warping board, sets up a floor loom and weaves a project. I like students to work on the kind of project they want to learn how to do. Some choices from the past have been tea towel, rag work (using strips of cloth as weft), simple patterns and plaids, random warps, etc. It is my hope that each student chooses something different, that way the class as a whole covers a lot of possibilities.
– My theory is that weaving is not brain surgery and I teach a relatively fast and easy way to do it. I pass along what I have learned in 40 plus years of being a weaver.

Make a Basket from  Magazine Pages and other Upcyclable materials


My workshop proves that Basketmakers have always used materials they have found in their environment. In this case, the results are often very pretty. Think of how scraps of cloth make a beautiful quilt, to get an idea of how the finished piece will look.  Traditional Basketry techniques with modern materials. Older children welcomed with an adult to help.

Creative Coiling, .

Coiled Basketry technique is probably the most open ended basketry technique, any shape, any size is possible, almost any material, and changes in design or material  are easily done.  Please bring a towel and a pair of scissors. I will be providing long pine needles, linen thread and rafia for stitching, and a lotus seed pod for a lid if desired and also lots of other kinds of materials.

Make a Rib Basket using Native Materials and Beyond the Basic Rib Basket

I have decided to teach small classes of 4 students at a time, Sept. 5,6,or 7th and Sept. 26 or 27th, 2020.. We can work in my backyard or the garage if it is  raining. This means we will be able to maintain social distancing. Please contact me if you are interested in any of these dates.

I find the Rib Basket technique is very forgiving for beginners and also very adaptable with regards to making purely functional baskets, or decorated art objects or something in between..

I have decided to have this class be a “multilevel” Rib Basket Classes,

Beginners will make a smallish rib basket, with or without a handle, and those with some experience can try a flat back basket to hang on the wall, or a tray shape or a funky free form shape or a 4 section base basket using Rib Basket technique. We start off with a “Gathering” expedition to a near by wetland at 9.00. Let’s hope the path will be drier than it is right now.  Rubber boots could be definitely in order!

The cost for this class is 85.00, This includes all materials and is due ASAP in order to ensure a space in the class. This can be paid by e-transfer, a cheque in the mail, or credit card # phoned to me.

Gathering starts at 9.00 a.m., the basketry at 10.30 and the class goes to 4 o’clock or so. The class takes place in my basketry studio, near Chesterville, Ontario.

Please bring your lunch, garden shears or kitchen shears or clippers, waterproof footwear for the gathering portion and wear clothes that could possibly have dye spilled on them. Wear layers in case it is warm or cold and bring a sun hat if that seems like a good idea. We can work in my garage or covered porch or laundry room area in case of inclement weather, but it is great to be  able to work outdoors.

Berry Basket Class

dates to be announced.

Using the Stake and Strand and Twining Techniques, each student will make a functional basket out of Rattan with a preformed handle. Class time is 10-4 and location is my studio near Chesterville On. Cost is 60.00 for the Berry Basket and 75.00 for the Market Basket which is larger. All materials will be provided. If there is time left over, I will teach a Garlic Basket class.

3 generations of Berry Basket makers.


“I really enjoyed weaving at your house, and just being around you and John was a pleasure. I would go again for another workshop. I did more in one weekend than I would have thought possible. Thanks for making it feel so easy. You have helped me build my confidence, exactly what I need.” Marie-Reine