This basket is called Ancient Tribal Rituals. It was purchased by an Anglican Priest to use in healing ceremonies. All components were found along a path in the fen near my house.  
I like to add plant materials in baskets. They can be dyed as one would dye cotton. The unspun flax is woven in as well as the grasses.
More plant materials added, eucalyptus, poppy seed heads and the seed frond from the Jack Rabbit Fern.

This basket was a commission for a wedding present where the design concept of the wedding was Birch Bark

Laundry Basket made from wild willow. This took days of fighting with willow to construct. Such a beautiful material,  plentiful in Eastern Ontario where I live, but unforgiving.

This is another basket woven from Wild Willow that grows so plentifully in Eastern Ontario/Western Quebec. I like the wall handing shapes as the front of the basket can have gorgeous little found objects woven in and “showcased” at eye level.

I especially enjoy weaving coiled baskets. These are part of a series I wove in Alabama from the very long pine needles from the Long Leaf Pine Trees and found objects. The Bowl shaped one reminds me of the way people used to tell fortunes by swirling gorgeous little objects in a bowl.