Purple Shawl


This is a very lightweight shawl, gossamer weight really, perfect for travel as it packs very small. Its a colour which coordinates with a lot of other colours, so a very good accessory. It is handwoven and 60% wool, 40% mohair. Dimensions are 19×101 inches, 46x256cm., it’s a versatile shawl or a luxurious scarf.¬† There are 2 actually, the one in the photo is 19 inchesX86 inches, 48cmX244 cm and it has a button so it can be worn¬† as in the photo, the other one is a traditional shawl. Both are perfect on a small scale for smaller women, but one size fits all really. Machine washable using soak and spin cycles and cold water. dry on a rack with a short spin in the dryer to finish off.

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