Memories of Summer Seas Handwoven Basket


I gather found objects wherever I go and some of the shells and other sea shore finds (note the black Skate Egg Cases and bits of vegetation and wires) are woven into this basket. They come from the Carolinas in the US, Vancouver Island,  the Atlantic Provinces, Belize, Mexico, South Africa and South Pacific Islands. Oh Yes. I used to look for only the most perfect shells, but now I prefer fragments, preferably with holes already in them, that makes them much easier to attach. I mostly just weave them in as I go along, but if all else fails, I use a neutral coloured wire. I keep planning to have a class about how to incorporate sea shore finds into a basket, believe me, I have a lot to share, Maybe next year. Dimensionsof this piece  dia 10 inches, height 21 inches, 26cmX53cm,