50 Years of cloth Pieced Ponch


This garment is sewn from many little irregularly shaped pieces of cloth, handwoven by me over the past 50 years. This was a popular colour combination, every warp was composed of different yarns in the warp and weft, so there is a lot of gradation of colour, in what I call a blue/green/purple mix. I wove both fine density and heavy cloth. This is a piece of fine cloth, light in weight, in a generous size. It is a pullover design and a regular poncho shape, worn with either a triangle hem in the front or a rectangular shape. The crazy quilt technique was very time consuming, and creates a totally unique  creation. There is a great graduation of colour, intense, deep, very eye catching. This piece is a generous size, L or XL, and very comfortable to wear. Machine Washable using only soak and spin cycles and cold water. Dry flat.

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